Moritz Peter Quartet

featuring Alain Jean Marie piano and introducing the voice of Giovanni von Essen

This album is my third CD and my first for the TCB label. I always wished to do a recording with a singer and a piano player. At the same time, I didn’t want to abandon my ten year collaboration with guitarist William and bassist Emmanuel Chabbey. So I tried to bring everything and everybody together. Giovanni von Essen, who arrived recently from New York, lives now in Paris. When I heard her singing at a Jam Session I asked her immediately to participate on my recording. Alain Jean Marie is not just one of France’s first addresses if you need a piano player. His personality and musical taste brings out the best of every musician. The same goes for drummer Mourad Benhamou who has a great sense of rhythm and time. The possibility to bring all this fine musicians together in a recording studio and perform my music is a true “moment de bonheure”. My idea was to do a kind of easy listening recording without loosing the energy and deepness that characterizes good music. It’s up to you to decide if it happened or not.
You The new CD "You" released by TCB records October 2009