Dexmex Moritz Peter Quartet CD DexMex


  1. Hoboken (M.Peter)
    A straight 32 bar tune with a tricky chord progression to introduce William, George and me.
  2. Bodensee (M.Peter)
    A jazz waltz, inspired by a region in Switzerland where I grew up.
  3. Mon Ami Max (M.Peter)
    Another bossa nova, dedicated to Willhelm Busch’s "Max und Moritz".
  4. Eclipse (M.Peter)
    Almost a blues. The theme is written in 6/4 and turns to 4/4 for the solos.
  5. Dexmex (M.Peter)
    Inspired by a Dexter Gordon solo.
  6. HP (M.Peter)
    A moody ballad to remember Hanspeter Baumgartner, a good friend and trumpet player.
  7. Song For Bird (W.Chabbey)
    Williams tribut to Charlie Parker.
  8. Missing You (M.Peter)
    Is a bossa with a charming melody, dedicated to a person who is very close to me.
  9. Ralph's Place (M.Peter)
    A funky groove that I wrote after visiting saxophonist Ralph Thomas.
  10. Two Of A Kind (M.Peter)
    A duo  between guitar and clarinet to close the recording. When I presented this composition to William, we both felt that we had to play it like this.


The Musicians  
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The music on this disc was written during the last ten years. It was a lucky event, to meet William Chabbey four years ago in Paris and to play with him on several concert dates. His enthusiasm and musical advice made it much easier to record the music on this disc. When we talked about  the bassist, he mentioned his younger brother Emmanuel Chabbey. I immediately felt very comfortable with him, so I asked him to play. The fact, that George Brown plays drums makes the music very precious to me. His deep feeling for the music and his sense of rhythm made my compositions sound in a way as I had never heard them before.

The musicians

Moritz Peter sax/cl

George Brown dr

William Chabbey bs

Emmanuell Chabbey bs

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Recorded: Oktober 1999
At: Recording Studio MESA Paris
By: Charles Frossard
Artwork: Fabien Maison
Cover Photo: Sonja Bärlocher