Café Luz

released in march2004 at Altrisuoni

Moritz Peter sax/cl
George Brown dr
William Chabbey bs
Emmanuel Chabbey bs
Carlos Werneck perc (Jeri)

Recording Studio: Studio 32
Engineer: Phil Desbois
Art work: Corrado Bernasconi
Cover Photo: Sonja Bärlocher

Moritz Peter Quartet CD "Café Luz"
  1. Muskatnuss (M.Peter)
    A straight ahead tune to introduce William, George and myself. Muskatnuss is the German word for nutmeg and one of the few expressions in William's
    German vocabulary.
  2. Valse à Tijuca (M.Peter)
    Tijuca is a popular neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro. I lived there for a while and wrote this waltz.
  3. Theo (M.Peter)
    A little ballad in memory of my friend, the trumpet player Theo Jost.
  4. Cafe Luz (M.Peter)
    "Kafi Luz" is a Swiss-German expression. It's a way to prepare coffee in Switzerland (very thin with some liquor added) and became one of the band's favourite drinks. A modal composition with a tricky chord progression in the bridge. George plays a wonderful drum solo.
  5. Liquor Dreams (M.Peter)
    One of my earlier compositions. I used to play it as a ballad but for the CD we preferred to give it a Bossa touch.
  6. Manu's Blues (W.Chabbey)
    A very groovy composition from William. He wrote it for his brother Emmanuel.
  7. Valse à Jonathan (W.Chabbey)
    Rather a 6/8 than a valse. This song has been in our repertoire since we began playing together as a group now was the chance to record it. The composition is dedicated to William's son. Manu plays a very nice bass solo.
  8. Jeri (M.Peter)
    "Jeri " is a short form for Jericoacoara, a wonderful place in the northeast of Brazil. We planned to record it as a duo with clarinet and guitar to close the album. It turned out to be a trio with the spontaneous participation of Carlos playing percussion
After four years of performing regularly together  in France and Switzerland, making  a second CD was a very natural thing. For me it is a pleasure to play with the same musicians that were featured on my first CD. William Chabbey is an outstanding guitarist in the Paris jazz scene with a very strong personality. His younger brother Emmanuel Chabbey is already a well sought after bass player in France. To play with George Brown is always a musical challenge and at the same time a pleasure because with him everything and everyone sounds better immediately. A special thank you goes to Brazilian bass player Carlos Werneck for his percussion playing on "Jeri" and to Phil Dubois, the recording engineer.

If you like the music thanks for buying a CD.